Volkswagen Motorsport Lisowski wins turbulent race debut at Spielberg

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Volkswagen Scirocco R-Cup at Spielberg 2011
Volkswagen Scirocco R-Cup at Spielberg 2011 Source Volkswagen AG
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Wolfsburg (4 June, 2011). The Pole Mateusz Lisowski is the winner of a turbulent wet race in the Volkswagen Scirocco R-Cup at Spielberg. At the second round of the season Lisowski won the spectacular one-make cup race, which included a safety car period, in front of James Mobley (USA) and Ola Nilsson (S).

Shortly after the start an incident with consequences occurred when Jonas Gießler (D) spun and Maiken Rasmussen (DK) was unable to avoid a crash. In the commotion of the following drivers two Legends entrants unfortunately were forced to retire after body contact as well – Thomas Morgenstern and Sven Hannawald parked their blue bio natural gas Scirocco cars in the pit lane.

Duel of the two remaining ski legends: Knauß in front of Walchhofer

After the race was over for the ski jump eagles, Morgenstern and Hannawald, alpine ace Hans Knauß, who has previous motorsport successes in the FIA European GT3 Championship under his belt, showed the best performance and finished in tenth place. In the duel of the alpine stars this meant Knauß finished in front of downhill legend Michael Walchhofer, who came 20th.

The second race of the season was also watched by numerous celebrities including pop star Christina Stürmer and German Pop Idol finalist Marco Angelini.

Kris Nissen, Volkswagen Motorsport Director:

"Unfortunately, this wet race saw more unpleasant than pleasant scenes, I suppose that some of the drivers were a bit overly ambitious. I do think though that the young racers learned a lot here. It was a thrilling race nevertheless with a deserving winner. The track and the entire facility here are fantastic, the new Red Bull Ring is a valuable addition to international motorsport. We're particularly proud of having such great sportsmen like Thomas Morgenstern, Sven Hannawald, Hans Knauß and Michael Walchhofer on our grid here. It's true that the downhill racers beat the ski-flyers, who suffered quite a bit of misfortune with their retirements but there'll be a second race on Sunday.”

Sven Hannawald (Germany)

Volkswagen Scirocco R-Cup Sven Hannawald

Accident – retirement on lap 1: "Normally, the saying that the race is not decided on the first lap is true – but mine was over at that point in time. There was a serious battle straight from the beginning and when I went around a left-hand turn another car was standing in the middle of the track. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get around it any more so we crashed. That's too bad because I was having great fun up to that point and would have liked to have finished the race. Fortunately, there's another chance on Sunday.”

Thomas Morgenstern (Austria)

Volkswagen Scirocco R-Cup Thomas Morgenstern

Accident – retirement on lap 1: "Too bad, I was really looking forward to taking revenge for the football match yesterday. After my good qualifying result I was optimistic about winning against Sven Hannawald. In the accident I didn't have any chance to get out of the way any more. Of course it's important that all the drivers survived the race unharmed – even though not all of the cars did. Now I'm looking forward to tomorrow when hopefully the sun will be shining and I can fight a hot duel with Sven without the two of us colliding.”

Hans Knauß (Austria)

10th place: "My first car race in Austria – it was huge fun. The friendly way in which the fans approach is simply great. Obviously the weather didn't make things easy for us in the race, but I've got absolutely no problem handling the Scirocco, particularly in the rain. My start was good, I was able to make up ground right away but then the thing happened that I'd suspected – there was a major crash in front of me. Fortunately, I was able to avoid it by going into the gravel trap and then continue to drive. For the race tomorrow I'm hoping for rain – although for the spectators of course I'm hoping for sun.”

Michael Walchhofer (Austria)

Michael Walchhofer at Volkswagen Scirocco R-Cup

19th place: "It was a great experience. Particularly at the start in the pack it was incredibly thrilling for me as a ski racer because we don't have such man-to-man battles on the slope. In the accident I was fortunate because I was able to able to avoid it for the most part and only ran over a few small parts of debris. After the safety car period I overdid it a bit. That's why I briefly spun once and lost a lot of places in the process. On the whole though I'm quite happy with my debut as a car racer.”

Mateusz Lisowksi (Poland)

Volkswagen Scirocco R-Cup Mateusz Lisowski at Spielberg 2011

Winner: "The result is fantastic, being the second winner at the second race – what more can you ask for? I had a good start. Fortunately, I didn't really notice much about the accident behind me. In turn one I defended myself against an attack by Ola Nilsson, but that was a fair manoeuvre. Obviously, tomorrow will be difficult because I have to start from position eight. I was surprised about how strong the Legends were. Particularly Thomas Morgenstern, who drove his first race ever. He was very strong – he's not just a high-flier on skies.”

Aditya Patel (India)

Volkswagen Scirocco R-Cup Aditiya Patel at Spielberg 2011


11th place: "It was extremely slippery today. We've seldom seen such difficult conditions. I'm sorry about my accident with Daniel Lloyd. I lost a bit of control when braking. For me personally the result is disappointing because I had a good starting base from position three.”


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