Nilsson celebrates commanding first victory of the season in Mini-Monaco

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John Nielsen (DK) at 2011 Norisring
John Nielsen (DK) at 2011 Norisring Source Volkswagen AG
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Wolfsburg (2 July 2011). Engine sound instead of wedding bells: In the German Monaco at the Norisring 25 drivers delivered a captivating race in the Volkswagen Scirocco R-Cup. Ola Nilsson from Sweden was the first to cross the finish line after 22 laps and clinched his first victory in front of Stefano Proetto and Mateusz Lisowski. In the Legends classification of the Le Mans stars John Nielsen took victory in the near-275-hp bio natural gas race car in front of Frank Biela and Jan Lammers.

Shortly after the start there was a safety car period caused by US racer James Mobley after a collision. Pole sitter Ola Nilsson did the best job of handling the restart. The Swede distanced himself from the rest of the field and kept his lead until the end. Behind him Stefano Proetto from Germany and the overall leader Mateusz Lisowski from Poland fought a spectacular duel. On the penultimate lap last year's winner Proetto countered an overtaking manoeuvre by Lisowski and saved his second place by seeing the chequered flag with a lead of five tenths of a second in front of his immediate rival. In the overall standings Lisowski (188 points) now leads in front of Proetto (160), followed by Nilsson and Daniel Lloyd with an equal score of 153 points in third place.

Le Mans aces: John Nielsen is quickest Legend in front of Lammers and Biela

Among the legends the 1990 Le Mans winner, John Nielsen, delivered a strong performance. The Dane pushed forwards from tenth on the grid to seventh place. Behind him the five-time Le Mans winner Frank Biela and Jan Lammers (1988 Le Mans winner) fought a thrilling duel. From position 16 the Dutchman Lammers started a tremendous recovery and finished the race with a narrow margin behind Biela in tenth place. Marc Duez completed the Legends classification in 22nd place – after an accident the Belgian had dropped to the end of the field.

The fifth round of the season on the 2.3-kilometre city street circuit in Nuremberg thrilled the spectators – including pop star Laith Al-Deen – with numerous overtaking manoeuvres. On the long straight they repeatedly saw fantastic duels thanks to the innovative push-to-pass system that allows the drivers to activate a 50-hp power boost by pushing a button.

Kris Nissen, Volkswagen Motorsport Director:

"Well done to the winner Ola Nilsson, who showed a flawless race. The Scirocco R-Cup again delivered first-class sport with numerous close battles between two or three drivers. The race was very fair and disciplined. Our Chief Instructor Benedikt große Darrelmann deserves major praise for this as he did a very good job of preparing the many rookies for the special characteristics of the Norisring. The track makes high demands on the car too: The loads acting on the engine, gearbox, brakes and cooling system are particularly high here. But the 25 Cup Scirocco R cars ran flawlessly – a nice piece of proof that the production-based Volkswagen technology also works perfectly in racing. The Scirocco R-Cup has made a very good overall showing in front of this great crowd at Nuremberg.”

# 11 – Ola Nilsson

Ola Nilsson Scirocco R-Cup at 2011 Norisring

Qualifying: 1 – race 1: "I'm overjoyed; it's been a fantastic weekend for me. I managed the restart after the safety car period in an optimum manner. Afterwards I was able to extend my lead and fortunately managed to stay clear of the duels. I felt comfortable on the track throughout the weekend and my car was fantastic to drive.”

 # 44 – John Nielsen

John Nielsen (DK) at 2011 Norisring

Qualifying: 10 – race 7: "It's been a great experience and huge fun. The Scirocco R-Cup is an outstanding concept. The cars are very good to drive and as they're all identical the driver really makes the difference. My aim had been fifth place but I'm also pleased with seventh. Naturally, it's a special pleasure to be competing with the other legends but it's always about winning too. We used to be rivals, we continue to be rivals and that will never change either.”

 # 45 – Jan Lammers

Jan Lammers Scirocco R-Cup at 2011 Norisring

Qualifying: 16 – race 10: "Unfortunately, I lost the chance of achieving a better grid position due to my accident in qualifying. In the race I then made up a few places; obviously my race speed is still pretty good – which makes me happy. I almost caught up with Frank but then the race unfortunately was already over. The Scirocco Cup with the push-to-pass button is a great concept. I've seldom seen so many overtaking manoeuvres in a one-make cup. And obviously it's nice to compete with former colleagues on the track. Once a racer, always a racer – the ambition is still there.”

 # 43 – Frank Biela

Qualifying: 11 – race 9: "Fortunately, I was able to clearly improve between the free practice and the race. Otherwise I'd have probably ended up pretty far at the back of the field. In my rear view mirror I could see Jan coming closer and closer but of course he'd have never been able to pass me. This has been the third race for me with the Volkswagen squad and I've had a great weekend every time.”

 # 21 – Stefano Proetto

Stefano Proetto Scirocco R-Cup at 2011 Norisring

Qualifying: 2 – race 2: "That was a close finish. During the duel with Mateusz Lisowski I was about to crash into the wall but fortunately Mateusz left enough room for me. The Norisring simply suits me well; last year it was victory and this year a second place-finish – things can continue like this as far as I'm concerned. For me this success is even sweeter as I'm from Munich which practically makes this my home track on the calendar.”

#8 – Mateusz Lisowski

Mateusz Lisowski Scirocco R-Cup at 2011 Norisring


Qualifying: 3 – race3: "I'd been hoping to keep Stefano behind me up to the finish after the overtaking manoeuvre shortly before the end of the race. I thought that I'd be able to block him on the straight but he was simply too quick and countered with a great overtaking manoeuvre. I can live well with third place because I've maintained my overall lead.”


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