Yokohama Tire Corporation’s New AVID® ENVigor™ is a Perfect Fit for All

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Yokohama Tire Corporation’s all-new AVID® ENVigor™ – the first tire to combine high-performance, superior comfort, eco sensibilities and long treadlife – will hit the market March 1 in 69 sizes for a wide variety of vehicle applications, making it one of the largest tire launches in Yokohama’s history.


“ENVigor is a tire for almost everyone,” said Mark Chung, Yokohama director, corporate strategy and planning. “The ENVigor’s array of vehicle applications range from entry-level to luxury coupes and sedans. It will fit pure high-performance cars like the Mustang and 370Z, as well as high-end makes such as the Audi A3 and Lexus GS. Plus there are fitments for various SUVs and crossovers from OEMs such as Volkswagen, Toyota and Honda.”


In addition to the breadth of applications and sizes, Chung said the ENVigor – which replaces Yokohama’s popular AVID H4s/V4s and W4 tires – offers unprecedented performance. It is the first to collectively offer consumers superior traction and handling, enhanced comfort, treadlife and excellent gas mileage. “That’s why a new category – Grand Performance – was created for it,” noted Chung. “The ENVigor is a technical marvel.”


Made in the U.S at Yokohama’s Salem, Virginia plant, the ENVigor comes in H-, V- and W-ratings. It is engineered with Yokohama’s proprietary Adaptive 3D sipes (which help maintain water and winter traction); angled groove walls and circumferential grooves that resist hydroplaning; a tapered center rib and unibloc shoulder for stiffness; a six-pitch tread variation for reduced pattern noise; groove-in-groove technology for reduced uneven wear; and an all-new silica compound for excellent fuel efficiency.


Added Dan King, Yokohama vice president, sales and marketing, “ENVigor is reflective of Yokohama’s commitment to bring to the market products of highest technological innovations. ENVigor is quite possibly the most complete performance tire ever created.”

Celebrating its 40th anniversary in the United States, Yokohama Tire Corporation is the North American manufacturing and marketing arm of Tokyo, Japan-based The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd., a global manufacturing and sales company of premium tires since 1917. Servicing a network of more than 4,500 points of sale in the U.S., Yokohama Tire Corporation is a leader in technology and innovation. The company’s complete product line includes the dB Super E-spec™ - the world’s first tire to use orange oil to reduce petroleum – as well as tires for high-performance, light truck, passenger car, commercial truck and bus, and off-the-road mining and construction applications. For more information on Yokohama’s extensive product line, visit


Yokohama is a strong supporter of the tire care and safety guidelines established by the Rubber Manufacturers Association and the National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration. Details can be found at the “Tire Safety” section at



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