Around the world in a year with Audi Tradition

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Around the world in a year with Audi Tradition
Around the world in a year with Audi Tradition Source Audi AG
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Around the world in a year with Audi Tradition The rediscovery of the last Horch in Texas Brazilian DKW vehicles in Rio de Janeiro Anyone who has ever driven in Mille Miglia race
  • Calendar for 2012 shows Audi classic cars from Eastern Europe to America
  • 13 vehicles from various periods of the company’s history
  • Calendar now available for €29.90

“Discover Worlds with Audi Tradition”: This is the title of the Audi Tradition calendar for 2012, with 13 different classic vehicles from the company’s history of more than 100 years pictured in 13 different countries – all the way from Eastern Europe to America. The aim is for the cars to tell a story, whether at a classic car event, a photo shoot or in those special moments in years gone by when Audi Tradition rediscovered vehicles from its own history which had almost been forgotten.

The rediscovery of the “last Horch”: this unique car was found again in a scrap yard in Texas, USA.

A particular insight is provided by the calendar pictures from the USA, Brazil and Peru. It was in 2008 that Audi Tradition rediscovered the missing “last Horch” and took it home to the Audi museum mobile. The Horch 830, built in 1953 and the only one ever manufactured in Ingolstadt, was found at a scrap yard in San Angelo in the south of Texas. The vehicle was at the mercy of the scorching sun in the Texan steppe for more than 40 years, and its recovery is pictured in the new Audi Tradition calendar.

In 2010, Audi historians discovered a Wanderer from 1915 in Lima, Peru: a “Puppchen” with boat-type body, the last of its kind still in existence. And the picture in the calendar is just as unique as the car itself. This Wanderer is photographed in its “home town” of Lima – indeed in one of the less attractive parts of the Peruvian capital.

Brazilian DKW vehicles under the world-famous statue of Christ in Rio de Janeiro: in the 1950s and 1960s DKW models were built in Brazil under licence, such as the DKW Fissore (left) or the DKW Belcar.

One shot which is without doubt one of the most spectacular of all was taken in Rio de Janeiro. In the 1950s and 1960s, DKW vehicles were built in Brazil under the licence of Auto Union GmbH, including models which were never manufactured in Ingolstadt, such as the DKW Fissore and the DKW Belcar. These two DKW specimens can be seen together on the picture for April beneath the world-famous statue of Christ, complete with a spectacular view of the “Cidade Maravilhosa”.

Once again this year, the images in the calendar were captured by the photographer Stefan Warter, who lives in Berlin. He also took the pictures for the current Audi Tradition calendar “Timeslip – The Auto Union Silver Arrows on the Original Circuits”, which enjoyed outstanding reviews and received large volumes of orders from all over the world. Warter is generally known as a prominent expert in the area of dynamic visual language. Born in Franconia in southern Germany, he has devoted himself to reportage photography for many years and has worked for magazines such as GEO and Stern; he is particularly notable not just for his eye for the situation but also his outstanding talent for capturing brilliant images with the camera, often in appalling conditions and within the most fleeting of moments. An example of his success in doing so is demonstrated in the cover picture of “Discover Worlds with Audi Tradition”, where he was faced with the challenge of capturing the atmosphere of the “Gran Premio Nuvolari” in Italy, with evening drawing in and with rain falling in the mountains behind Parma.

The calendar “Discover Worlds with Audi Tradition” is available for €29.90 – in the museum shop at Audi museum mobile, by calling +49 (0)841/89-41009, or on the Internet at


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