Audi at the CES 2012 in Las Vegas

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Audi at 2012 CES
Audi at 2012 CES Source Audi AG
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Audi is extending its leadership in the area of automotive electronics with a spectacular range of innovations. The company is now presenting its current and future solutions at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, USA. These solutions relate to the key word Audi connect – intelligent networking of cars from Audi with the owner, the Internet, the transportation infrastructure and other vehicles.

Audi is presenting numerous innovations in seven technology fields related to Audi connect, several of which will soon enter series production.


Audi is integrating the high-speed mobile communications standard LTE into its cars. In the future, the Audi Phone Box will couple all mobile phone types perfectly with the car.

Operating concept

Audi is now introducing the intuitive touchpad in its compact vehicles as well. Advanced head-up technology with innovative gesture control system. Seamless integration of mobile apps into the intuitive Audi operation concept.

Voice control

Audi is already the only manufacturer to offer its customers an online Google voice-activated POI search (point-of-interest search with voice control system).

Online services

Integration of Google Earth/Google Street View online into navigation systems.

Mobile computing

Infotainment architecture with the latest processors from Nvidia.

Assistance systems

From lane assist systems all the way to the vision of piloted driving.

3D graphics

Brilliant 3D graphics on an ultra-slim display.

The term ‘Audi connect’ spans the technical field of networked mobility, in which Audi has the global leadership role. At the CES, the world’s most important electronics trade show, the company is presenting its technologies of today and its developments for tomorrow.

Many model ranges, beginning with the compact A1, can optionally be connected to the Internet. Front and rear passengers can conveniently surf and e-mail from their smartphones and other mobile end devices via an integrated WLAN hotspot.

For the driver, Audi has developed customized Audi connect services – such as navigation with Google Earth images, Audi online traffic information, the POI search by voice control and Google Street View. In most models, three user control levels are provided for utilizing these services – the large rotary pushbutton, the touchpad MMI touch and a high-performance voice actuation system. In future vehicles an innovative gesture control system will be added to the range of input options.

The technologies that Audi is developing for the near future continue along these lines. The key expression “Data in the cloud” refers to data located on servers that enters the car, such as music and – for passengers – videos. Smartphone apps make it possible to configure the car remotely – this will be an especially attractive feature for electrically powered e-tron models.

Serving as the foundation for these new Audi connect services is the new LTE (Long Term Evolution) mobile radio standard, which can transport large amounts of data – Audi is implementing it in the automobile. LTE can also play an important role in future car-to-X communication. The new technology involves networking cars with each other and with the transportation infrastructure – it has the potential to make driving more economical and safer. Car-to-X communication also plays a role in what is known as the intersection assistant – one of several assistance systems that Audi is developing.

There is one core requirement for all new services of Audi connect: they should make driving more comfortable and therefore further relieve the driver. A prime example of this philosophy is the head-up display, which displays key information in the windscreen. Here too, Audi is driving progress – with innovative projection technologies and displays that appear to be located in the real environment.

The new A3, which will soon make its debut, already exhibits many user control innovations. Its touchpad is integrated in the round rotary pushbutton, making it a touchwheel. The monitor is also a new development and makes pin-sharp 3D graphics possible, while the electrically deploying 7-inch display is only 11 millimeters thick and looks as elegant as an iPhone. Another innovation is the Audi Phone Box, a universal interface between a cell phone and the car.

Audi is embarking on a new era of infotainment hardware in the A3 – and the vehicle marks the premiere of Audi’s modular infotainment platform. The central computer of the MMI system integrates what is referred to as the MMX board (MMX: Multi-Media eXtension), a plug-in module whose highlight is a powerful Tegra processor from Nvidia. Audi can always keep the modular hardware up-to-date by replacing the MMX board.

Audi will continue to use the latest and fastest chips from market leader Nvidia in its vehicles in the future. Its joint venture with this company, founded in 2005, is proving very successful. When it comes to software, the brand with the four rings turns to infotainment solutions from GmbH, a joint venture between Audi and the Finnish company Elektrobit. The young company buys functional software on the global market for such functionalities as navigation and telephony, and integrates it into the software suite.

The equipment, data and prices specified in this document refer to the model range offered in Germany. Subject to change without notice; errors and omissions excepted.


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