A day in Ferrari for Gordon Ramsay perfection and passion in the factory and in the kitchen

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Gordon Ramsay at the Ferrari plant in Maranello
Gordon Ramsay at the Ferrari plant in Maranello Source Ferrari
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Gordon Ramsay at the Ferrari plant in Maranello Gordon Ramsay and the Ferrari 458 Italia Gordon Ramsay at the Ferrari plant in Maranello Gordon Ramsay at the Ferrari plant in Maranello

The famous British Chef, who has been a Ferrari owner for many years, finally got the chance to visit the Ferrari plant in Maranello. A special day for Ramsay, who went around all the production facilities and was truly impressed by the working environment in Ferrari.

“You can feel the passion of the people working here – he said –  it’s incredible, I couldn’t imagine such a place: bellissimo”. Ferrari’s employees could not believe their eyes either, and warmly welcomed Gordon asking for autographs and photos.

Examination time came at 12.30. While visiting il Podio, Ferrari’s company restaurant, Chef Ramsay tasted today’s entrees, including classic bolognese tagliatelle. A moment of silence: “delicious”. Handclap and relief for the Podio’s Chefs, who put a big smile on their faces and got their uniforms signed by the famous three star Chef.

The visit then continued to Tailor Made and the Atelier, where Gordon Ramsay met Amedeo Felisa, Ferrari’s CEO, who showed him the newborn F12berlinetta. Thumbs up again by Gordon:“a fantastic sexy car”. A Ferrari must not only be beautiful, above all it must give an emotional boost, and that’s why Ramsay was exceptionally taken by test driver Raffaele de Simone to the Fiorano circuit. There, the British Chef had the chance to experience 740 HP and the handling of the 12-cylinder berlinetta and to sit behind the wheel of a 458 Italia.

Busy day for Gordon, who dedicated even some time to a long interview that will be published in the next issue of the Ferrari Official Magazine. “What impressed you the most today?” we asked Gordon Ramsay "The perfection. I work for perfection every day and winning 3 Michelin stars was a dream, but my second biggest dream was having my first Ferrari. From the minute you step inside to the minute you get out of the car and of the Factory you have one word in mind: perfection. I mean perfection 100%, absolutely incredible. And the passion, you can feel the passion in every corner of Ferrari from all the staff: from the stitching, to putting the engine together and to these amazing test drivers. Great day: I’ve had the thrill of a lifetime…Grazie mille…Thank you".


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