Ferrari Names The New Pennzoil Ultra Full Synthetic Motor Oil As Recommended Oil in United States

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Piston are using Pennzoil Ultra w/ Hyper Cleansing
Piston are using Pennzoil Ultra w/ Hyper Cleansing Source Pennzoil
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New Pennzoil Ultra Full Synthetic Motor Oil Piston are using Pennzoil Ultra w/ Hyper Cleansing Piston without Hyper Cleansing Technology

Ferrari has named the new Pennzoil Ultra™ with Hyper Cleansing TechnologyTM as the only motor oil approved and recommended for use in all Ferrari engines in the United States. Pennzoil UltraTM SAE 5W-40 and 10W60 have been tested and engineered to clean and protect Ferrari engines.


Pennzoil UltraTM is a new full synthetic motor oil that helps keep engines closer to factory clean. Pennzoil UltraTM is made from an advanced proprietary synthetic formulation that includes Hyper Cleansing TechnologyTM designed to exceed the toughest standards for engine cleanliness, and is engineered to maintain an engine as close to factory clean as possible. Nothing helps keeps your engine closer to factory Clean.


With engine tolerances and clearances measuring only thousandths of an inch and engines operating in high temperature conditions, even a small build-up of deposits could diminish performance. Pennzoil UltraTM motor oil can handle the challenge. This is why Ferrari recommends Pennzoil UltraTM exclusively for Ferrari engines in the United States.


“Ferrari engines are designed to provide extremely high power outputs and to rev to very high rpm. They are thus engineered and assembled to exceptionally tight tolerances to guarantee performance,” said Jean-Jacques His, Ferrari’s Head of Engine Development in the GT Department. “We understand every Ferrari owner wants to keep their engine in pristine condition. To ensure the engine works at optimum efficiency Pennzoil UltraTM helps protect our engines and maintain performance throughout the vehicle’s life.”


Through Shell Oil Company’s technical partnership with Ferrari, Pennzoil UltraTM has been tested and engineered to clean and protect all engines, meeting and exceeding Ferrari’s most stringent standards.


 “We at Pennzoil take great pride in the fact that Shell scientists work as a team with Ferrari in the Trackside Laboratory at each Formula One race, at the famous Ferrari factory in Italy and at Shell’s R&D facilities in the United Kingdom and Germany,” said Luis Guimaraes, VP, Shell Lubricants, Americas. “The technical partnership with Ferrari ultimately provides us with an environment to test new lubricants in extreme conditions. This gives us a better understanding of what will deliver improved protection, performance and efficiency in everyday engines, which is evident in the development of the new Pennzoil UltraTM.”


The Hyper Cleansing TechnologyTM built into Pennzoil UltraTM plays a critical role in the engine. The oil lubricates moving engine parts to reduce friction and power loss, and helps keep the engine clean by seeking out and dissolving contaminants safely into the oil before they form deposits in the engine.


The new Pennzoil UltraTM is available in SAE 5W-20, 5W-30, 5W-40, 10W-30 and 10W-60 viscosities. Pennzoil UltraTM 5W-20, 5W-30 and 10W-30 viscosities can be found in major automotive retailers nationwide. Pennzoil UltraTM 5W-40 and 10W-60 viscosities can be found at retailers and installers servicing mostly European-manufactured cars or through Ferrari dealerships. For additional information, please visit


About Pennzoil®


Pennzoil® is the #1-selling motor oil and one of the most trusted brands in America. The Pennzoil line of quality products meets or exceeds industry specifications to offer exceptional engine cleansing and protection, and includes Pennzoil UltraTM motor oil with Hyper Cleansing TechnologyTM, Pennzoil Platinum® Full Synthetic motor oil, Pennzoil® SUV, Truck & Minivan motor oil, Pennzoil High Mileage Vehicle® motor oil, Pennzoil® motor oil, Pennzoil Marine® engine oil and Pennzoil® specialty oils. For more information about Pennzoil products, please visit


Pennzoil is produced and marketed by Shell Lubricants. The term ‘Shell Lubricants’ collectively refers to the companies of Royal Dutch Shell plc that are engaged in the lubricants business. Shell Lubricants companies lead the lubricants industry, supplying 13% of global lubricants volume.  The companies manufacture and blend products for use in applications ranging from consumer motor oil and food processing oils to heavy industrial lubricants and commercial transport oils. The Shell Lubricants portfolio of top-quality brands includes Pennzoil®, Quaker State®, FormulaShell®, Shell TELLUS®, Shell CASSIDA®, Shell RIMULA®, Shell ROTELLA® T, Shell SPIRAX®, a portfolio of leading car care brands and Jiffy Lube® lubrication services.



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