Audi receives two US awards for piloted parking

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  • System for piloted parking in parking garages convinces the experts
  • Ricky Hudi: “Our technologies save the driver both time and effort.”
  • In future Audi cars will automatically find the nearest available parking space

The technologies that Audi is developing for its future piloted driving system have been highly acclaimed by US experts. The “Popular Science” magazine has named the Audi system for piloted parking in parking garages “Product Of The Future.” The editorial team is thus recognizing the most significant developments presented by Audi at the Consumer Electronics Show 2013 (CES) in Las Vegas.

The new Audi system was also commended as “Best Automotive Technology” at this year’s CES by specialized media network “The Verge.” Ricky Hudi, Head of Electrics/Electronics Development at Audi: “The awards acknowledge our development work and show that we are on the right track.”

The system is about to enter the practical phase – Audi is currently in the process of equipping a parking garage in Ingolstadt with the necessary technology. With the new technology, cars can maneuver autonomously in and out of parking spaces in above-ground and underground parking garages. The driver activates the function with the aid of a smartphone app. The parking garage’s central computer takes over part of the control function and guides the vehicle via WLAN to the nearest available parking space.

Laser sensors in the parking garage record the car’s movements; the computer processes these together with additional movement data to produce the precise location of the vehicle. It also has a map of the parking garage and registers which parking spaces are occupied. It uses this information to plan the route – thus ensuring that the vehicle has an unobstructed path from the starting point to its destination. For its part, the car monitors its surroundings while on the move by means of 12 ultrasonic sensors; in future, four video cameras will also be used.

Audi is working all out on a host of piloted driving technologies. They will not only assist the driver in the parking garage, but also in traffic jams and


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