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Volkswagen Golf Country
Volkswagen Golf Country Source Volkswagen AG
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Apal Buggy based on the Volkswagen Beetle Volkswagen Golf Country Volkswagen's all wheel drive icon the Iltis Volkswagen's all wheel drive icon the Iltis Volkswagen's all wheel drive icon the Iltis Volkswagen's Front Wheel Drive K70
VW Rear Wheel Drive Tarek design for Dakar Volkswagen Type 181 Kubel Car- Open Bucket Volkswagen Type 181 Kubel Car- Open Bucket Volkswagen Classic Ketchup

Volkswagen is in Essen – With a show that is off the beaten path


  • Type 181: Open “bucket” has inspired individualists for 40 years
  • Apal Buggy: Beach cruiser for Europe based on the Beetle
  • Golf Country: Crossover trendsetter launched 20 years ago
  • Tarek: Rear-wheel drive through the desert to Dakar
  • T3 and its successors: 25 years of Bulli with front-wheel drive
  • K70: The front-wheel drive era began 40 years ago
  • AutoMuseum Foundation: Special exhibit marks 25th anniversary
  • Classic Parts Center: New parts for legends with the VW label


Volkswagen is welcoming visitors to Techno Classica 2010 with three special themes that will take them back through an exciting period of automotive history. First theme: Under the motto "Volkswagens off the beaten path," Europe’s largest automobile producer has brought along a diverse collection of off-road highlights to the Ruhr region. They include the Dakar race vehicle, the Tarek, the legendary Iltis (winner of the 1980 Paris-Dakar), an Apal Buggy, the Type 181 ("Kübel" car), the Golf Country (crossover trendsetter) and the T3 syncro aka the Bulli. Second theme: "Volkswagen celebrates 40 years of front-wheel drive." Background: The K70 debuted in 1970; this sedan took active safety to a new era. And of course that is why the K70 will be in Essen as well. Third theme: "25 years of the Volkswagen AutoMuseum Foundation." To commemorate its milestone anniversary, the museum has opened its treasure vaults wider than ever before: Along with a special anniversary Beetle (50 year old special edition) the VW 30 – a 1937 prototype of the Beetle – has been pulled out as well. A fitting way to celebrate the 75th birthday of the Beetle in 2010. To mark the occasion, the Classic Parts Centre will be showing an air-cooled engine Beetle by the name of "Erbse" (English: "Pea"). This 57 year old Beetle travelled the Panamericana from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego. And so, for Volkswagen fans and friends of "the Dakar", the Techno Classica is a "must see" on this year’s event calendar.


The 2009 "World Car Show for Oldtimers, Classic & Vintage Automobiles, Motorsport, Motorcycles, Replacement Parts and Restoration," held from 7 to 11 April 2009, attracted nearly 170,000 visitors. The highlight last year: Volkswagen World. And that may very well be the case this year too. First, because the range of oldtimers and young-timers with the VW logo is unusually large. But also because Volkswagen Classic once again has a programme specially tailored to this car show. At our exhibit area, visitors can have their picture taken by a professional photographer in front of the classic of their choice. A front-runner for background car will be the spectacular Tarek. And since the way to automobile love is through the stomach too, Volkswagen will be presenting a special premiere of "Volkswagen Classic Ketchup," the recipe for which is a trade secret. So: taste it, take some, and fire up the barbecue grille...


In 2010, Volkswagen Classic will definitely be well represented at all key oldtimer and youngtimer events. Among other events, Volkswagen is the automotive partner of the Youngtimer Rallye Creme21 (15 to 19 September) – a role that is almost mandatory for a company that built cult car classics in the 1970s like the Golf GTI and Scirocco (and still builds them today).


In addition, Volkswagen will once again be lead organiser for an event it initiated in 2009, the "Schloss Bensberg Classics" (10 to 12 September 2010). Held over a single weekend, it hosts a traditional Concours d’Elegance and a challenging conformity rally. There is not much time left until then. Because on 21 May, the icons from Volkswagen Classic will already be at the Sachs-Franken Classic. Afterwards, the events arrive in quick succession: On 26 May there is the Kitzbüheler Alps Rallye, on 21 June the Donau Classic, on 8 July the Silvretta Classic and on 19 August the Sachsen Classic. And so, the Techno Classica will be the prelude to an extremely exciting oldtimer and youngtimer year. And that is how it should be. Let’s get started...



Volkswagen Classic Ketchup


Volkswagen Classic Ketchup


  • Latest Craze: World Premiere of Volkswagen Classic Ketchup
  • New Volkswagen Classic Ketchup debuts at the Techno Classica
  • Visitors can get limited-edition ketchup at the Techno Classica


It’s well known that Volkswagen builds bestsellers. Automotive bestsellers. A less well known fact is that successful culinary recipes are advancing to become bestsellers in the Volkswagen World. Number 1 in this area is the coveted Volkswagen Ketchup. Back in the 1970s, it was developed with the ketchup specialist Kraft to complement the taste of the legendary Volkswagen curry sausage. Yes, it too is a bestseller – at first it was only popular in the Volkswagen plant at Wolfsburg, but today it has long become part of the overall Volkswagen scene. Now, at the Techno Classica 2010 we are finally bringing together those things that belong together: Volkswagen Ketchup and the classic scene. Because the oldtimer and youngtimer specialists at Volkswagen Classic are introducing the new "Volkswagen Classic Ketchup" to the market in a world premiere in Essen. With a distinctive taste, it is initially limited to 1,000 bottles. They have their own label. And it shows – clearly – a Beetle (from the 1950s). So, "Volkswagen Classic Ketchup" will be a souvenir of the culinary type; at the Techno Classica it can be purchased at a price of 3.00 Euros.


In addition, Volkswagen will be offering the new ketchup at future classic events. Those visiting Wolfsburg can of course also purchase it – at the Volkswagen Shop at Plant Gate 17 (near the Wolfsburg train station).



Volkswagen spiced ketchup – bottled since 1997


The career of Volkswagen Ketchup began, as mentioned, back in the 1970s. Volkswagen was looking for a ketchup that would harmonize especially well with its own curry sausage production. So, its consistency has a thicker "viscosity" than conventional ketchup; in addition, its taste was tuned to the taste of Volkswagen curry sausage with spices that remain a strict trade secret even today. And with this sausage, a perfect taste unfolds. Volkswagen spiced ketchup has been offered in bottles since 1997.


Proving that the new Volkswagen Classic Ketchup is anything but a late April Fool’s Day joke, are the statistics on how much Volkswagen spiced ketchup is enjoyed. In 1997, Volkswagen launched its ketchup with an annual volume of 20,000 bottles. From that point on, volumes rose year by year. In 2009, over 425,000 (!) bottles were sold. 100,000 bottles have already been sold in the first ten weeks of 2010.


That leaves one question unanswered: How do Volkswagen Spiced Ketchup and Volkswagen Classic Ketchup differ in taste? Let us answer that with another question: How does a first generation Golf GTI differ from a sixth generation Golf GTI in handling and design? The answer: Give it a try!




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