Boston Acoustics ® Unveils New GTA Amplifiers Offering Increased Performance with Same Great Value

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Peabody, MA—January 6, 2011—Boston Acoustics, a longtime leader in premium sound components for aftermarket mobile audio systems, announces six new models for its GTA Series of amplifiers. The high-performance mobile audio amplifiers now offer up to a 25% increase in power over their predecessors, while maintaining the same price points offering unprecedented performance to value ratio.


“The original GTA amplifiers were the perfect gateway to a new market segment for Boston,” said Dave Jaques, Aftermarket Mobile Audio Product and Marketing Manager for Boston Acoustics. “Building on a great foundation, we challenged our engineering team to increase power without sacrificing feature set, footprint or pricing.”


Sanjay Sharma, National Sales Manager adds, “Ultimately, we’ve made a solid top performer even better—offering feature-rich models to suit the sub $500 amplifier category. Providing our dealers with highly competitive product in this price range, allows us to reach new generation of Boston customers.”


Performance Features


Boston GTA amplifiers employ a host of performance-enhancing features not commonly found in amplifiers at their price points. GTA amplifiers are available in both Class AB and Class D designs, as well as a hybrid model. The high-efficiency Class AB models are specifically designed for better sound quality in full-range applications. The Class D models provide optimum power delivery for subwoofer applications, while the hybrid 5-channel amplifier offers the best of both worlds. All models feature adjustable 12dB/octave highpass and 12dB/octave lowpass crossovers. These can be combined in the Class D models for bandpass operation, using the highpass crossover as a subsonic filer. To offer further system “tweaking” power, Boston has incorporated Q-Tune™ bass enhancement in all models, and, in the Class D models, user-adjustable “Q” for each amplifier’s highpass crossover filter to allow the user to optimize the bass from the subwoofer system without overloading.


Because today’s vehicles are full of noisy electronic components that sometimes cause noise interference, Boston’s SST™ (Symmetrical Signal Topology) system uses balanced asymmetrical inputs for noise cancellation to ensure that any noise introduced will be removed from the audio path, not amplified by it.


Installation Features


Boston engineers developed the GTA amplifiers with very specific design goals to ensure that they would fit into as many spaces as possible. Using an extruded aluminum chassis, GTA amps pack a ton of features and power into a compact footprint. Further reducing the overall footprint, Boston’s IMS™ (Integral Mounting System) allows for direct mounting through the amplifier without the need for extended mounting feet or tabs, saving more precious space.


Dedicated High- (speaker level) and Low- (RCA) level inputs with wide-ranging input sensitivity (200mV to 5V for Low, and 400mV to 10V for High) mean that compatibility is extended to the widest possible range of head units, factory adapters, and system preamps. All input/output connections are located on one side of the amplifier, with optimal angled speaker and power blocks for easy wire connections. The recessed control panel permits clean installation with wires concealed.


Careful consideration was paid to maintain cosmetics of the new GTA amps, ensuring cohesive blend with legacy models—a key benefit for both dealers and customers alike. All GTA amps are designed to increase flexibility and installation ease while retaining full use of interior space, which is so critical in today’s smaller vehicles.


Lastly, the GTA-RSL is an optional remote level control that gives the user independent level adjustment, from the comfort of the driver’s seat, of the subwoofer’s output level, beyond the standard system volume control.


GTA Amplifiers will be available in April 2011.


GTA-602: MSRP $199.95

High-Performance 2-Channel (60Wx2; AB amplifier)


GTA-802: MSRP $249.95

High-Performance 2-Channel (80Wx2; AB amplifier)


GTA-704: MSRP $249.95

High-Performance 4-Channel (70Wx4; AB amplifier)


GTA-500m: MSRP $299.95

High-Performance Monoblock (500Wx1; Class D amplifier)


GTA-1000m: MSRP $499.95

High-Performance Monoblock (1000Wx1; Class D amplifier)


GTA-1105: MSRP $499.95

High-Performance 5-Channel (70Wx4 + 400Wx1; Hybrid AB-Class D amplifier)


GTA-RSL: MSRP $19.95

Optional Remote Subwoofer Level Control


About Boston Acoustics


Founded in 1979, Boston Acoustics, Inc. designs, manufactures, and markets high performance audio systems for use in home music and audio-video systems, aftermarket and OEM automotive systems, and custom built-in audio systems. Highly regarded for creating The Boston Sound, the company is renowned for delivering superior, competitively priced products emphasizing performance, consistency, and value. For further information, visit the company’s website at


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