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Audi Ice Driving Experience Entrance
Audi Ice Driving Experience Entrance Source Audi of America
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Audi Ice Driving Experience Audi Ice Driving Experience Entrance Audi Ice Driving Experience Audi A4 Avant Audi Ice Driving Audi A4 Avant Going Sideways Audi A4 Avant Exiting slalom on the Ice Course Audi A4 Avant 2.0T Quattro Accelerating on the Ice
Audi A4 Avant 2.0T Quattro Accelerating on the Ice

The Audi Ice Experience is specifically a winter course. Drifting is practiced on frozen lakes in Sweden and Finland, at three different levels of difficulty. The highest level, the Finland Pro Exclusive experience, is aimed at genuinely capable drivers with motor sport experience. It has a strongly competitive character and calls for the participant to be a very skilled driver.

Stunning landscapes, training grounds prepared to perfection, sporty Audi models, and, last but not least, professional and motivated teams are all awaiting you – come and savor the thrills of the Audi driving experience!

For the first time, the new 2010 winter brochure combines both the Audi driving experience events and the packages which formerly came under the heading of Audi driver’s day. The various contents have now been handily compressed for you into an all-encompassing Audi driving experience event program.


Under the heading of Audi training experience you will find a broad spectrum of classic driving and safety training courses ranging from Basic to Executive Driver training. Or book yourself one of our thrilling and intensive experience training courses in Scandinavia that are grouped together under the Audi ice experience. We have restructured our Finland events for even greater clarity and to bring them more into tune with your requirements. We can now offer you a far more compact and intensive selection of courses in the form of the Finland experience and Finland Pro Exclusive experience.


The Audi tour experience section features amazing discovery tours as well as the newly added brand experiences taken from the previous Audi driver’s day program. And if you are interested in a customized program designed around your personal requirements, you need look no further than the Audi individual experience.


Our high standards of quality make us one of the world’s most successful providers of events focusing on driving safety and fun at the wheel. So, enter the enthralling world of the Audi driving experience and embark on unique and unforgettable adventures.


Audi Winter programme 2010


Program Brochure



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