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3-Series Production BMW Munich Plant Body Shop

For the production of the BMW 3 Series, the old, low-rise body shop had to be demolished to make way for a completely new production building. At the same time, numerous new robots were installed, some of which had previously been operating at the Leipzig plant. Synergies such as this make a noticeable contribution to cutting costs and ensuring the sustainable use of resources. In addition, latest-generation laser robots and advanced bonding robots are being used. This modern, low-temperature process is now being used on the BMW 3 Series for around twice as many operations compared to its predecessor, in part replacing conventional spot welding. The innovative technique significantly improves sealing and corrosion prevention.

The stiffer body of the new BMW 3 Series offers significantly enhanced driving dynamics, comfort and safety, even though it is up to 45 kilograms lighter than its predecessor.

3-Series Production BMW Munich Plant Paint Shop

In the paintshop, new robot facilities have been installed for seam sealing, flange sealing and undersealing. There is also a new foaming machine for firewall sound insulation. This feeds the sound-insulating material into the cavity, where it is foamed. The result is significantly improved sound insulation between the engine compartment and the passenger cell, making for a noticeable enhancement of interior comfort.

High production efficiency thanks to modular product and process architecture.

3-Series Production BMW Munich Plant Assembly

In the assembly shop, meanwhile, standardized modular product and process architectures ensure high productivity and variability. The production process of the new BMW 3 Series systematically applies the BMW Group strategy of multi-version production on the same main assembly line. In other words, different variants of a model series are simultaneously built on the same production line.

3-Series Production BMW Munich Plant Final Assembly

With these innovative production processes, new manufacturing facilities and cutting-edge technologies, the Munich plant sets exemplary standards for sustainable and eco-friendly production. Among the modernization measures is also the reconstruction of the logistics, goods inwards and commissioning centre to ensure efficient material supply to the assembly line.


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