Mikkelsen eighth on sombre Barum Czech Rally Zlin

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Photography by: Skoda
Mikkelsen eighth on sombre Barum Czech Rally Zlin
Mikkelsen eighth on sombre Barum Czech Rally Zlin Source Skoda
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Mikkelsen eighth on sombre Barum Czech Rally Zlin Mikkelsen 8th on the Barum Czech Rally Zlín

Andreas Mikkelsen finished 8th on the Barum Czech Rally Zlín in his factory-prepared ŠKODA UK Motorsport Fabia S2000 to maintain his lead in the Intercontinental Rally Challenge.

Juho Hänninen (ŠKODA Motorsport) won the event as the first six places were filled with ŠKODA Fabia S2000s, although the podium celebrations and final stage (SS15) were cancelled as a mark of respect following an accident on SS13 that claimed the life of a spectator. ŠKODA UK Motorsport would like to extend its condolences to all those involved in the tragic accident.

Changeable weather during Leg 1 made tire choice exceptionally difficult, and Andreas lost 14.4 seconds on Friday night’s opening superspecial stage around Zlín city centre when rain offered little grip to his slick tires.

Saturday’s constantly changing weather continued to make tire choice a lottery, although Andreas was one of the best to master the slippery conditions as he and co-driver Ola Fløene took the lead after setting fastest times on SS4.

The ŠKODA UK Motorsport Fabia S2000’s technical set-up was perfect for the twisty narrow asphalt roads. However, the Tesák stage had a slippery section with very long and fast corners, which didn’t suit the set-up so well, meaning that Andreas dropped 33.4 seconds to leader Hänninen over its two runs (SS7/9).

Andreas started Sunday’s second and final leg in 3rd place, but lost almost five minutes on the day’s opening stage when he clipped a curb at a left hand corner and had to stop twice to replace punctured front and rear right tires.

Having dropped to 10th, Andreas had worked his way up to 8th before the rally was stopped one stage before scheduled.

Andreas:“It’s been a difficult weekend with a lot of difficult tire choices, which I don’t think anyone has got right all of the time. I went in a new direction with my set-up before the rally, and maybe that wasn’t the way to go because the car felt better on Leg 2 when we changed it back. I struggled a little in the wet, but in the dry I felt more confident and I was a lot more competitive. A lot of the time I was happy with my performance. The team did a fantastic job, the Fabia S2000 was perfect and we scored what may prove to be some very important points.”

Final positions (provisional after SS15)

 1. Juho Hänninen/Mikko Markkula (ŠKODA Fabia S2000)….2hrs 11mins 28.2secs

 2. Roman Kresta/Petr Gross (ŠKODA Fabia S2000)….+1min 43.1secs

 3. Tomáš Kostka/Miroslav Houšt (ŠKODA Fabia S2000)….1min +51.8secs

 4. Jaromír Tarabus/Daniel Trunkát (ŠKODA Fabia S2000)….+4mins 11.7secs

 5. Robert Barrable/Stuart Loudon (ŠKODA Fabia S2000)….+4mins 33.6secs

 6. Karl Kruuda/Martin Järveoja (ŠKODA Fabia S2000)….+5mins 03.0secs

 7. Andreas Aigner/Ilka Minor (Subaru Impreza)….+5mins 34.6secs

 8. Andreas Mikkelsen/Ola Fløene (ŠKODA Fabia S2000)….+5mins 36.8secs

 9. Michal Solowow/Maciej Baran (Peugeot 207 S2000)….+6mins 18.7secs

 10. Sepp Wiegand/Timo Gottschalk (ŠKODA Fabia S2000)….+7mins 21.8secs

 IRC points (provisional after Round 9)


 1. Andreas Mikkelsen….136pts

 2. Juho Hänninen….93pts

 3. Jan Kopecký…83pts

 4. Sepp Wiegand….53pts

 5. Giandomenico Basso….40pts

 6. Patrik Flodin….28pts


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