BMW Motorsport completes its preparations for the DTM season

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Timo Glock  ITR testing Hockenheim DTM 2013
Timo Glock ITR testing Hockenheim DTM 2013 Source BMW Group
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The stage is set for the start of the DTM season in Hockenheim (DE) on 5th May, which is eagerly awaited by drivers, teams and fans alike. The four BMW teams and their rivals all completed their preparations for the first of ten races in 2013 with four days of testing at the same venue. The varying conditions – with some cool temperatures and heavy downpours – presented the eight BMW DTM drivers with a real challenge. Despite this, the teams still managed to run through a comprehensive program, consisting of well over 8,000 test kilometers, and once again gained valuable data and experience with the BMW M3 DTM.

As at the previous test in Barcelona (ES), the drivers took to the track in Hockenheim with the new Drag Reduction System (DRS) and Hankook’s option tires. It was announced at Tuesday’s media day that both these innovations will be used over the course of the season.

Jens Marquardt (BMW Motorsport Director):

“We completed our preparations for the new DTM season with over 8,000 more test kilometers in Hockenheim. Although the unsettled weather, which mostly resulted in wet conditions, was not exactly ideal, we were still able to complete an intense program over the course of the final four days of testing ahead of the opening race. Two of the things we focused on were the DRS and option tires. The drivers once again coped well with these innovations at the Hockenheimring. Despite the difficult conditions, we still learned a lot. The lap times should not be taken as an indication of the balance of power come the season-opener. The only certainty is that we have prepared meticulously and are now really looking forward to going head to head with the opposition under race conditions. It will definitely be a close affair in Hockenheim. The fans can look forward to an exciting start to the season.”

Bruno Spengler (car number 1, BMW Team Schnitzer):

“The test here in Hockenheim was very interesting and insightful, even though the unsettled weather conditions made it extremely difficult to carry out any good set-up work. However, the conditions were the same for everyone. On the whole, I am happy with the results of testing. It was a great feeling to be back in Hockenheim. After all, this is where I clinched the title in the final race last season. It brings back a lot of very nice memories. However, we are only looking ahead to the future now. I am looking forward to the first qualifying. Only then will we know how well positioned we really are.”

Dirk Werner (car number 2, BMW Team Schnitzer):

“The weather conditions did not make it particularly easy to complete the whole test programme. Despite this, we made the most of the situation. We did not have a single problem with the car. Everything is going to plan. We will now review the entire preparation phase and analyse in detail all the data we have assembled. This should give us quite a good indication of how well we can expect to perform on the opening race weekend of the year.”

Augusto Farfus (car number 7, BMW Team RBM):

“The weather played a major role in this test. It alternated between rain and dry conditions. It is always beneficial to be able to complete a few laps in the wet, of course, but we would really have preferred more consistent conditions to allow us to prepare for the new season. Despite this, the overall impression is a positive one. Although preparations for the new season were generally very short, we are on the right track with regard to the start of the season. It was a great feeling to be back in Hockenheim.”

Joey Hand (car number 8, BMW Team RBM):

“I am very happy we were able to complete the program we had planned. We were looking good in both wet and dry conditions. The relationship with BMW Team RBM is working really well. I initially had to make sure that our mechanics and engineers could understand my Californian gibberish, but we have a pretty cool troop here. The handling of our car is excellent, as is the new design. It looks awesome and quick. Over the course of my career, I have never yet been disappointed by a fast-looking car.”

Martin Tomczyk (car number 15, BMW Team RMG):

“The test in Hockenheim is always a bit special for us drivers. After all, this circuit will soon be the venue for the first race of the new DTM season. Despite the unsettled weather conditions encountered over the course of the week, BMW Team RMG and I were still able to complete our test programme – which is not always easy, particularly when you have some heavy rain. However, it is difficult to draw any conclusions for the new season from the test. Only the opening race in Hockenheim will show who has really done a good job. I am confident we will be in a really good position come 5th May. You can sense the anticipation ahead of the new season throughout the entire paddock.”

Andy Priaulx (car number 16, BMW Team RMG):

“Our car sits very well on the track and is quick. Our lap times in the various sessions showed this. Because of this, I am already really looking forward to the opening race. I am extremely motivated and have a good feeling about my second year in the DTM. Unlike in my debut season, I now know exactly what awaits me in Hockenheim on 4th and 5th May. I have found my feet quickly in BMW Team RMG, and was made to feel very welcome by everyone. We are fired up and ready for the season-opener.”

Marco Wittmann (car number 21, BMW Team MTEK):

“For me personally, the test in Hockenheim was super. However, it is hard to judge exactly how good our times were. When it comes down to it, nobody knows exactly what the opposition is doing. Despite this, this test gives me a lot of confidence. Our goal was to forge an even stronger bond within the team and to optimise our processes, in order to be perfectly prepared for the start of the season. We achieved that. I am excited to see how we fare in the opening race.”

Timo Glock (car number 22, BMW Team MTEK):

“Generally speaking, the test in Hockenheim was very positive for us. We reeled off a lot of laps and collected informative data and reference values. It obviously rained a lot, but we should now be well prepared when we have the odd wet race over the course of the season – which we inevitably will. We also coped well in the dry. We are improving with every lap, and our pit stops are also getting quicker and quicker. I now feel right at home in the car. We have taken a big step forward. I hope this trend continues right through to the first race weekend in Hockenheim. I am really looking forward to my first race. That will herald the start of a whole new chapter for me.”


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