Liquid Black finish from Zircotec recreates Jaguar factory finish and also reduces under hood heat

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First glossy black ’enamel-like’ ceramic coating provides period finish for Jaguar and classic car cast manifolds

Liquid Black finish from Zircotec recreates Jaguar factory finish and also reduces under hood heat

OXFORD – A brand new coating that replicates the vitreous enamel finish of Jaguar manifolds has been created by Zircotec. The product also serves to protect under hood components and bodywork from the effects of heat. Suitable for all six cylinder Jaguars manufactured from 1948 right up to the mid-1980s, Zircotec’s Liquid Black™ ceramic coating solves the long standing durability issues of the original enamel finish whilst also reducing under hood temperatures. Tested to a simulated 100,000 miles of use, the tough, gloss coating should appeal to both concourse and driver enthusiast alike.

According to Zircotec, by far the highest proportion of classic car customers seeking a Zircotec coating is Jaguar owners. “Many E-Type, MkII, XK and early XJ owners wish to retain the glossy enamel finish from the factory but even on new reproduction parts it can’t withstand the heat cycling and just doesn’t last. It ends up looking very tatty and won’t help lower under hood temperatures,” says Zircotec’s sales director Peter Whyman. “We set out therefore to create a new coating that would look ‘period correct’ but would also offer a significant thermal barrier performance.”

Zircotec’s Liquid Black™ coating will provide other benefits to owners choosing it over less effective solutions; by keeping heat inside the exhaust, the coating prevents damage to surrounding paintwork, can assist in lowering cockpit temperatures and will help avoid fuel evaporation issues during hot start-up.  “The coating can withstand exhaust gas temperatures of 600°C and testing has shown it to maintain its appearance in use. Unsightly paint cracking on E-Types around the louvers and stifling temperatures in the cockpit could be eliminated by using our technology,” suggests Whyman.

Zircotec’s development team worked for more than a year to create Liquid Black™ the company’s s first ever gloss finish. “We wanted a finish that would respond to the needs of Jaguar owners, a finish that would be long lasting, durable and robust. Liquid Black™ has passed our rigorous test regime.  All parts are coated at Zircotec’s Abingdon factory. Customers can send either new or used cast manifolds and we will prepare, clean and apply the multi layer coating,” adds Whyman. “We turn round parts typically in under 10 days.”

Available now, the coating costs £330 for a pair of cast manifolds for a six cylinder engine


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