Top rankings for Audi A4, A8 and S8 in AUTO TEST and from J.D. Power

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·         AUTO TEST editors vote Audi A4 2010 AUTO TEST Champion with silver rating

·         J.D. Power publishes Vehicle Ownership Satisfaction Study, Germany’s largest car-owner satisfaction analysis

·         Audi A8 and S8 lead the J.D. Power survey


INGOLSTADT, Germany, Jun 24, 2010  -  The biggest survey of German car owners has just been published, and two prizes have gone to the Audi A4, A8 and S8. In the Vehicle Ownership Satisfaction Study organized by J.D. Power, the Audi A8 and S8 are well ahead of the field, and the editors of the car magazine “Auto TEST” chose the Audi A4 as “2010 AUTO TEST Champion” in silver.


“Awarding the A4 the title of “2010 AUTO TEST Champion” in silver is evidence that Audi is up front in car quality and customer satisfaction!” said Michael-Julius Renz, Head of Sales Germany at AUDI AG, after receiving the prize at the Axel Springer House in Berlin. “Comparisons between more than 500 tests and buying recommendations covering a whole year tell us that this award is well deserved.”


The editors of the “AUTO TEST” car magazine use a complex evaluating scheme to determine the winners of their award. As well as classic categories like acceleration, stopping distance and fuel consumption, the car’s standard of safety and its running costs are assessed. The result is also influenced by the number of defects registered by the Rhineland “TÜV”, an official motor vehicle inspection organization, and the value computed by “Eurotax Schwacke”. Customers’ answers to questionnaires issued by the reputable market research institute J.D. Power and Associates were another factor in the run-up to the title “2010 AUTO TEST Champion”.


The Audi A8 and the sporty S8 model triumphed in the J.D. Power Vehicle Ownership Satisfaction Study. According to the market researchers, the forerunner of the current A8 recorded the highest percentage of satisfied owners in the large-car market segment.


The Vehicle Ownership Satisfaction Study conducted by J.D. Power and Associates is the largest survey of its kind among German car owners, and was first organized in 2002. This year 16,330 drivers were interviewed online and asked for their opinions in the following categories: quality/reliability, desirability, servicing and running costs. Only those who had driven their car for about two years and covered an average of 34,000 kilometers (21,125 miles) were asked to participate.



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