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Continental  Chamfered Edges
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Dry Performance

Dry performance technology “Chamfered Edges” is included in the Continental ExtremeContact DW. This Continental ExtremeContact DW technology for dry road surfaces generate greater acceleration grip, handling and braking traction in dry conditions. Aided by a solid outer shoulder and chamfered pattern edges, Continental Tire’s engineers concentrate on maximum surface contact. Chamfered pattern edge is unique to the Continental ExtremeContact family of ultra high performance tires.

Continental ExtremeContact DW Chamfered Edges Continental ExtremeContact DW Chamfered Edges 2

To chamfer the pattern edge means to cut the normal 90 degree block edge (as seen in highlighted area) into two 45 degree angles. This chamfered edge has a dramatic affect when the tires tread pattern is tested to the limit. When the pattern is under load from acceleration, lateral handling or braking, the standard tread block buckles creating reduced road surface contact and results in traction reduction. The chamfered tread block, in comparison, under load becomes flatter with increased road surface contact. The result, increased traction. This feature gives the driver of the Continental ExtremeContact DW added confidence in the most demanding performance conditions.


Wet Performance


Continental ExtremeContact DW High Void Tread RatioThe Continental ExtremeContact DWS has excellent grip in wet conditions provided by a high void to tread pattern with optimal groove angles. Void to tread ratio means the amount of void area in the tread (as seen highlighted here) vs. the amount of tread pattern making contact with the road surface.





Continental ExtremeContact DW Water evacuation process This void allows water to be absorbed into the pattern and then quickly evacuated. This evacuation process happens thousands of times a minute while driving in standing water giving the driver additional confidence in wet conditions.






 Continental ExtremeContact DW Dynamic Temperature Distribution

The Continental ExtremeContact DW has industry leading treadlife combined with lower rolling resistance improving energy delivery to the road surface. This outstanding combination of traction, long wear and reduced rolling resistance is accomplished thought “Dynamic Temperature Distribution”. This technology is found in the curing process. Continental Tires engineers and chemists have developed the optimal curing combination of time an temperatures.  This Dynamic Temperature Distribution unique heat concentration and optimized curing time increases the chemical distribution, enhancing the intermolecular structure for reduced tread distortion. This reduced distortion improves energy delivery, treadlife and lowers rolling resistance. When looking at these finite element models, the reduction of heat build-up is reduced with this technology. This gives the consumer the confidence we are keeping the environment in the forefront of our technologies.


ExtremeContact DW are the DW Tuned Performance Indicators



Now, one of the coolest new features on the ExtremeContact DW are the DW Tuned Performance Indicators.  These are visible letters built into the second rib of the tread and are ment to show drivers the tire’s optimal performance levels.  “D” indicates the tire is at optimum tread depth for dry conditions.  W” indicates the tire is at optimum tread depth for wet conditions.  As the tire wears and the indicators disappear, the tire is no longer tuned for optimum performance in that particular road condition.



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